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These are the results of MS01.

In regards to a third received just active indicator control. Another third received ASC plus MVP chemotherapy . The remaining sufferers received ASC plus vinorelbine chemotherapy . The patients’ progress was monitored regularly.. Asbestos-induced lung cancer individuals usually do not appear to benefit from chemotherapy Adding chemotherapy to established methods of symptom management does not appear to improve the quality of life or survival of individuals suffering from an asbestos-induced type of lung cancers known as malignant plural mesothelioma . These are the results of MS01, a large UK and Australian study released in the Lancet, which set out to assess the potential benefits of combining active indicator control with chemotherapy.Dr Hiroyuki Odaka, General Supervisor of the Pharmaceutical Study Division of Takeda said ‘Epigenetics can be an important area for novel oncology therapeutics. This new agreement demonstrates our dedication to researching and pioneering the best ways to treat cancers.’ Dr Will West, CEO of CellCentric added ‘This licence is a strong endorsement of just how we are approaching advancement in epigenetics. This is an area that is no viewed as just interesting, but as essential for pharmaceutical companies developing their armoury for tackling intractable illnesses such as for example cancer’.