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Say scientists.

The extensive research team, from Tufts University in Boston, discovered that the mammary glands of young female mice developed in a manner that made them more likely to develop breast tumor and the mice also became sensitised to oestrogen, the organic hormone that improvements many breast cancers. The main focus of the study was on bisphenol A , a compound found in the produce of plastic food containers which is also present in dental sealants and the resins that line meals cans.But new technology is a game-changer. ‘This is a great advancement,’ Koebbe said. ‘We can basically fill up the aneurysm from the inside out.’ It’s a super-glue-like fluid called Onyx. Koebbe explained, ‘We actually make a small opening in the femoral artery in the groin area and track lengthy catheters into the brain cavities, in to the arteries of the brain. The full minute that liquid hits the blood, it instantly polymerizes or forms a solid. The glue actually doesn’t get away the aneurysm. There’s no blood engaging in the aneurysm. Therefore, the aneurysm is healed, it’s not going to bleed.’ Bechtold’s surgery took less than an hour. In ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos, Koebbe described the treatment ‘almost got an eraser and just erased the aneurysm from the picture.’ Bechtold was out the entranceway the next morning.