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Caring for carers By Dr.

Ananya Mandal, M.D. According to a new poll, there are hundreds of thousands of unpaid carers in Scotland who are suffering from mental health problems and struggling to keep their jobs. The results of the poll by the Princess Royal Trust for Carers present that six out of ten carers have got suffered a mental health illness, such as for example depression, stress or anxiety. The results also highlight how 27 per cent of carers say both their physical and mental health has suffered. Latest statistics show there are 657,000 carers in Scotland, with a fifth of them caring for a member of family for more than 50 hours a week.Programming Bacteria to avoid Tumors ‘Our study uncovers a promising connection between your microbiome and cancer that’s managed by alterations in bioelectric signaling and in addition opens up exciting options for biomedicine. Imagine bacterias that are metabolically programmed to create butyrate levels appropriate to avoid tumors,’ said Levin. The length over which carcinogenesis could be controlled and predicted provides been addressed in a small number of earlier studies, including work by co-workers and Levin.