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We believe LibiGel could be first product to advertise for this unmet medical want.

BioSante Pharmaceuticals’ LibiGel clinical revise to be presented in 2010 ISSWSH annual meeting BioSante Pharmaceuticals, Inc preço de zydena 100 mg . Petersburg, Florida. BioSante is in Stage III advancement of LibiGel for the treating hypoactive libido disorder in menopausal females under an FDA approved SPA . BioSante is enrolling women in three Stage III clinical research with a fresh drug application prepared for mid-2011. We believe LibiGel could be first product to advertise for this unmet medical want. Snabes.

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Progressive insufficient function can result in congestive heart failing or even death. Dealing with co-workers at Stanford University INFIRMARY, Dr. Allan Dr and Mishra. Todd Brinton studied the consequences of PCT – proprietary formulations of concentrated platelets and white bloodstream cells – on cardiac function after inducing a coronary attack in a pivotal swine model. VitaKine PCT was discovered to significantly improve the amount of bloodstream pumped from the ventricles by 23 percent in comparison to controls . Standard PRP didn’t improve pumping action. VitaKine PCT contains white bloodstream cells in particular concentrations and ratios, furthermore to platelets. From ten years of research in sports activities medicine with Platelet-Wealthy Plasma, we’ve seen its performance as a biologic therapeutic for enhancing tissue healing, stated Dr.