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New analysis suggests.

Brown seaweed may provide protective ingredient against skin cancers Substances extracted from a marine seaweed might drive back skin cancer due to too much sun, new analysis suggests. The pet study indicates that chemical substances called brown algae polyphenols , which are found in a kind of dark brown marine seaweed, might protect against skin cancers due to ultraviolet B radiation. UVB radiation in sunlight is thought in charge of 90 % of the approximated 1.3 million cases of non-melanoma skin cancer diagnosed in the usa annually. Researchers applied the BAPs to the skin of hairless mice and fed it to the pets in their diet.Adjusted income from operations also contains continued favorable existence and accident claims knowledge, offset simply by higher disability claims incidence partially. Third quarter 2011 adjusted income from functions continues to reflect appealing margins competitively. Second quarter 2011 modified income from operations included the web favorable impact of $30 million after-tax linked to reserve research. International This segment contains Cigna’s supplemental health, life, and accident insurance and expatriate benefits businesses operating in select international markets. Financial Results : Third quarter 2011 International segment outcomes reflect strong organic premium and fee development driven by continued attractive customer retention and sales in targeted markets in your supplemental Health, Accident and Lifestyle and Expatriate Benefits businesses.