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The Phase IIb research is normally a multicentre.

The Phase IIb research is normally a multicentre, randomised, double-blind, placebo managed trial in 300 patients that will measure the efficacy of two intravenous dosing regimens of AZD9773. The principal outcome measure would be the number of ventilator-free times over 28 times following first dose. Secondary outcome methods include 7 and 28 day affected person mortality and characterisation of the security and tolerability of AZD9773. AstraZeneca has initiated another Phase II research of AZD9773 in Japan also.John Smyth, Director of the Cancer Research Center at the Western General Medical center in Edinburgh, Scotland and President-Elect of the Federation of European Tumor Societies , ‘not everyone realises just how much real progress has been achieved in recent years for the treatment of cancer. Why? Because, not everyone has access to the latest advances. Availability of treatment is as very much a political as a medical decision and with 1 in 3 of the population affected, it really is to everyone’s benefit to put cancer management near the top of their concern list’.